....because every child should learn to swim!


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Waveny Group (9AM - 11AM) On
Waveny Private (11AM - 3PM) On


 Waveny Park Pool
New Canaan, CT

Norwalk Inn
99 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT

Kiwanis Park

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Open to Waveny Pool Pass holders.

Group lessons Mon - Fri 9AM - 11AM. 

Private lessons Mon - Fri 11AM - 3PM.

Age 3 & Up.

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Open to all.

Private lessons 7 days a week.

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Open to New Canaan residents.

Private lessons Mon - Fri 12PM - 1PM.  Age 4 & up.

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 Lessons are available whenever your pool water is warm enough.


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"They are enjoying it and I am impressed with the program. I have spent so many years and so much money trying to teach them to swim and this is the first time I feel like I see real progress."